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We now understand that Campbell Orr first served in 1883 as the County Representative for the Birmingham County Football Association with the FA in London. This information comes from “The History of The Football Association 1863 – 1953” (page 89), with the name “J. C Orr” underlined to signify a new appointment. However we do not have any information to indicate how long the appointment continued, and the book does not appear to provide specific details of appointments beyond 1887. The book records accounts for which Campbell Orr was an auditor in 1885 (page 69 ), 1899 (page 169), and 1914 (page 247), however it is understood that Campbell Orr and Tom Hindle were the auditors throughout this time. It is noted that Campbell Orr is incorrectly indexed in the book under “Campbell, Orr J.” rather than “Orr, J. Campbell”.

We would welcome any further information recording Campbell Orr’s work with the Football Association at the national level.

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