John Campbell Orr, known by all as Campbell Orr, was a Scot who from 1872 devoted much of his adult life to Association Football, but who’s pioneering role in the early years and the development of the Association game was barely recorded following his death in 1921 in his adopted home of Birmingham.

Our book tells the story, as we know it so far, of Campbell Orr. We are certain, however, that it is an unfinished story, with more information still likely to come to light from many sources. With this in mind, to accompany the publication of our book we have set up this website, through which we would request that anyone who knows further information or knows where further information might be found please makes contact with us, and on which we will present new and updated information as it becomes available.

This website also provides links to sources through which to purchase the current edition of “Campbell Orr – Pioneer of Association Football”, and in due course if sufficient additional information comes to light we will provide notifications with regard to any subsequent updated editions of the book.

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